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What is Erasmus+

 Erasmus + is the European Union's program in the field of education, training, youth and sport for 2014 - 2020. Its total budget is EUR 14.7 billion. Erasmus + is based on the achievements of European educational programs that have operated for 25 years, and is the result of a combination of the following European initiatives implemented by the European Commission in 2007 - 2013: the Lifelong Learning Program, the Youth in Action Program, Erasmus Mundus , Tempus, Alfa, Edulink, and cooperation programs with ind ustrialized countries in the field of higher education.

Universities can exchange students and staff and coordinate international projects or participate as partners. A condition for the university's participation in the program is having an Erasmus Charte r for higher education. Students have the opportunity to travel abroad for part of their studies and internships. Academic teachers can conduct classes for students at foreign universities. Employees from various university units can benefit from training trips. In addition, students and university employees have the opportunity to participate in international projects in which their unit is involved.


Why is it worth:

1) Gaining new experiences

2) Gaining professional experience

3) Improving a foreign lang uage

4) Meeting new people

5) Getting to know the culture, customs, principles and culture of work in the country in which you are taking classes

6) Visiting interesting places

7) Learning to tolerate

8) Learning to improve yourself

9) Increasing employability

10) Increasing transversal skills such as independence, responsibility, trust, problem - solving skills



March 2021